Tokyu Hands and Sword Art Online Collaboration!


Sword Art Online is continuing its collaborations by joining Tokyu Hands in a special event everyone can enjoy. From January 28th to March 5th, 2017, cardboard cutouts of SAO characters wearing Tokyu Hands uniforms will be placed at the Shibuya, Sapporo, and Sendai Tokyu Hands stores.

The cutouts will be perfect for selfies and other fun pics.But that’s not all. The Shibuya store will also have a gallery of about 60 SAO panels, so you can remember all of the great things that have happened in the anime so far.

Finally, each store will have an SAO lottery, in which you can win a specially drawn frame! And there will be a spot in which you can use your SAO Augmented Reality smartphone app, so make sure to download that!

Of course, Tokyu Hands will have special items for sale, but only limited amounts will be available, so get there early. All of this is to celebrate the upcoming movie “Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale.”



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