Magikarp Taiyaki Cakes in Japan!

Pokemon fans rejoice! You can now eat one of your not-so-favorite Pokemon: Magikarp. The Yokohama Kuikoan taiyaki (fish-shaped cake) shop locations in Yokohama Nishiguchi, Minato Mirai, Akihabara, and Kichijoji, are now selling Magikarp taiyaki filled with custard.


The Pokemon taiyaki sells for 191 yen or $1.65 US Dollars.

Magikarp taiyaka that is filled with anko (sweet red-bean paste) has been on-sale since December 23, 2016.


If you see a taiyaki shop, try and checkout the way these delicious cakes are made. It is actually very cool!

Picture courtesy of RocketNews 24

Happy eating, and we will see you next time!



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