Free Japanese Idol Auditions For New Female Idol Group!

Teen spirit

Teen Spirit Co., Ltd., a Japanese entertainment production company, will be holding open auditions for a new female idol group this Summer!

To qualify for the auditions you must be 12 to 18 years old, and not have a contract with any other record company, production company, or music publisher. Oh yeah, you also have to like music and dancing, of course. Sounds pretty simple to me!

Also, voice actors are encouraged to audition.

The schedule for the auditions is as follows:

  • June 28 to July 22: Website applications are accepted and documentation is examined;
  • July 28 to July 29: Auditions are held in Shibuya (singing and dancing will be judged);
  • July 30 to July 31: Certain people are selected for temporary recruitment (about 5-10 people);
  • August 1 to October 31: Three months of lessons and training (weekly vocal lessons and 2 dance lessons per week);
  • October 31: Final 4 official members are chosen; and
  • November 1: Recording begins on the debut music video for the group.

Teen Spirit has also provided some guidance on what they are looking for. They want girls that have enthusiasm and skill in both singing and dancing. They would also like people with general manners, such as proper greetings and punctuality. So don’t be late!

And for those that are concerned about the costs of these auditions, please don’t worry, as the auditions are free!

You can sign-up for the auditions here: Idol Audition

But if you don’t think you want to be an idol, don’t worry! Teen Spirit will also be selecting various background voice trainers, video writers, recording engineers, and live directors to support the idol group. So you should try to at least be part of the team!

Oh, and if you do make the group, don’t forget to invite us to one of your shows!

Good luck everyone! And see you soon!


2 thoughts on “Free Japanese Idol Auditions For New Female Idol Group!

  1. Hi! Good Day I’m Alyza G. Dubduban and I’m 18 years old and I from Manila, Philippines I want to audition to AKB48 member and I want to show my talent for dancing and singing. I want to be AKB48 member someday. When I went to the AKB48 concert I was so impressed with them that I wanted to be like them one day so I want to audition to AKB48 member I want to show my talent in dance and song I will do everything for it I will follow and follow the rules & regulations and always be praciting everyday and I will be diligent.


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