Survey Reveals That Japanese People Believe That Their Sweat Smells The Worst at 6 PM!

Office people

In the latest “smelly” news from Japan, Mandom Co. Ltd. in Japan has been conducting studies about body odor, in an effort to develop better deodorant products. And of course, summertime seems to be the perfect time for their studies, because, you know, hot Japanese summers means more sweat. Sounds like a fun job…right?

Well, the results of their studies are in, and after surveying 1,032 people it looks like 70% of Japanese men and women admit that they sweat due to stress and tension in the workplace. In a country where people don’t even want to blow their noses in public, talk on elevators, or eat while walking, getting someone to admit they sweat is a huge deal. But yeah, Japanese people do sweat.

And what is even more interesting is that the majority of the people surveyed believe that their sweat smells the worst at 6 pm! Yup, they were able to put an exact time on the smelliest time of the day. Leave it to Japanese people to be precise about timing, right? I mean, have you ever taken the trains in Japan? They are always on-time down to the second.

So what part of their body do Japanese people think has the “smelliest” sweat? The armpit! I think that is probably the same for Americans too. Coming in second place was Japanese feet, and then following in third place was their heads.

This is all useful information for those concerned with body odor and bad smells. But to be honest, the next time I get on a crowded Japanese train at 6 pm I’m going to do my best to take a big whiff of the smell. It’s not going to be fun, and it might make me light-headed, but its my job to confirm this information, right? Haha!

See you soon!


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