Japanese Survey Shows That 41.3% Of People Eat Homemade Bento Boxes!


Marsh Co., Ltd, a Japanese marketing research company, recently conducted a survey in which they asked Japanese people how often they ate homemade bento (lunch box). And here are the results!

About 41.3% of the people answered that they ate a homemade bento at least once a week, while about 49.9% said they almost never ate a homemade bento! This is surprising, as most American otaku tend to think that the majority of Japanese people go to work with some cute-looking bento, like this:


Of the people that get  homemade bento, about 18.1% of them get bento boxes about 4 to 5 times a week.  About 5.1% of the people get bento boxes once a week, and a very lucky 4.9% get a bento box almost every day! Wow, that is a hard-working chef!

Also, 51.5% of women tend to eat bento boxes at least once a week, while men only accounted for 31%. And as expected, the percentage of married people who eat homemade bento is higher than those that are unmarried.

But who is making all of these amazing bento?

Well, it looks like 70% of the people are making their own bento boxes. That is sort of sad, haha. I think we all had this image of a spouse working hard to make a lovely bento, in which they show their true love everyday. But in reality, spouses only make bento boxes 19.1% of the time. Sorry honey, you are going to have to stop-by 7-Eleven or Family Mart for lunch today.

Parents make bento for their kids 8.8% of the time, but I really hope that married couples aren’t asking their parents to make the bento. That would be awkward. And guess what, kids make bento too, at 1.2% of the time! Though I’m assuming that their bento designs tend to be very simple, or very “creative”.

“Lovers”–you know, boyfriends/girlfriends–also make bento boxes 0.9% of the time. Though that really doesn’t seem like there is much “love” there, if you ask me.

Also, 89.5% of women make their own bento boxes, and their husbands only make their wives bento boxes 0.5% of the time. Men, on the other hand, make their lunch boxes 43.5% of the time, while their wives make their bento boxes about 50% of the time! That doesn’t seem very fair. I think Japanese husbands need to step-it-up a lot more.

And finally, if you think that all those goodies in the bento boxes are handmade, think again. 40% of the people answered that they used “frozen foods” in their bento boxes. But it is still better than an American bento box, which tends to be a peanut butter sandwich or a can of tuna–or are those just my sad bento boxes? Haha!

See you soon!


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