KFC Dating Simulator Is Live!

KFC sim colonel hearts

For those that don’t know, Japan has a pretty big obsession with the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain. In fact, many Japanese actually celebrate Christmas in Japan. This tradition began in December 1974, when KFC Japan began to promote fried chicken as a Christmas meal, and the rest is Kentucky Fried history.

But starting on September 24, 2019, everyone will get to feel the same love for KFC that the Japanese do, because the much anticipated KFC Dating Simulator is live! That’s right, the “I Love You, Colonel Sanders” dating simulator–brought to you by the minds at Psyop, a creative agency–can now be downloaded for FREE on Steam here: KFC Dating Simulator

You can checkout the trailer here:

Doesn’t that just make you want to grab a bucket of chicken?! Dating simulators don’t have huge traction in the United States, but they are big business in Japan. This sort of makes sense, since many Japanese people already like KFC. Here is hoping that the Colonel Sanders can bring the gravy…or at least a couple buckets of chicken. Have fun y’all!

KFC sim colonel


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