20202 Tokyo Olympics Medal Design Revealed!

Tokyo medal

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Committee unveiled the design of the medals that will be awarded to the winners next year. And the design is beautiful. Here is a more cinematic view of the medals:

But as with most things from Japan, there is an added level of utility to each of these medals, as they are all made of metal extracted from recycled consumer electronics over the past two years! This is probably the most environmentally-friendly method of creating the medals, which is no surprise from a country that has been able to find harmony with nature.

And after collecting 78,985 tons of discarded devices, resulting in 30.3 kg of gold, 4,100 kg of silver, and 2,700 kg of bronze, the results speak for themselves.

  Tokyo gold

Tokyo silver

Tokyo bronze

What do you think of the medal designs? Will you be heading to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?


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