Nissin Cup Noodles And One Piece Drop Second Awesome Commercial!

Nissin one piece

It looks like Nissin is at it again, with yet another amazing collaboration with One Piece and the Straw Hat crew. As most of you probably know, earlier this year we wrote about the first Nissin and One Piece Collaboration, which you can see here: Nissin Cup Noodles And One Piece Collaborate On Awesome Commercial!

The first commercial focused on Roronoa Zora, and this time it is Nami’s turn to shine. Checkout Nami and the rest of the crew in re-imagined world of Onie Piece as a High School anime:

Of course, just like the last time, there are a ton of One Piece references in this short 30-second commercial. And, once again, YouTube Channel “Good Game Have Fun” did another epic job of finding a bunch of the references. So all credit to them for doing the hard work, and make sure you checkout their video here:


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