Osaka Man Pockets $800,000 Yen By Not Paying Train Fare For Four Years!


It looks like at least one man in Osaka isn’t going to be celebrating at KFC Japan this holiday season.

A 51-year old salary man in Osaka, Japan was using the train to get to from his house to his work, which seems like a pretty normal thing. The only problem was that he just wasn’t paying for the train ticket…for four years! That’s right, the man didn’t pay the train for four years, resulting in him pocketing $800,000 yen! (About $7,316.86 Dollars).

The scheme was uncovered by Osaka police after another passenger notified the police of the man’s suspicious activity. This is how the man did it:

First, the man would buy a platform ticket for about 120 yen ($1.10 Dollars). This platform ticket allows you to enter the train station and just walk around with your family and friends or just to see the trains, but it is not meant to cover the cost of a train ride. The man would of course break that rule by riding the train from JR Koriyama Station to Kitashinchi Station in Osaka’s Kita Ward, which normally costs 710 yen ($6.49 Dollars). Once he arrived at the station he would quickly follow another passenger that paid for a ticket, and squeeze by the automated gate before it closed. Then he just skipped to work knowing he beat the system.

I feel like this guy had to have some ninja training to think of and execute this scheme.


But the plan didn’t last, as prosecutors are now bringing down the hammer on his plan to avoid paying his train fare. But what is even more interesting is what he told the police about why he did it. Turns out, the man just wanted more “play money”! He just wanted to have some extra money to “make it rain”, and about $6.50 per day was all he needed. Though, to be honest, that seems more like a drip from a faucet than what the typical “making it rain” entails.

But one last twist to the story. It seems that the Osaka man’s company (Hitachi Systems) had been giving him money to pay for the train commuter pass, but he had been pocketing that money too! A Hitachi spokesperson said that the Company will “respond harshly to the matter after confirming the facts.” This sounds like the man is losing his job. The cost of “making it rain” makes you do some dumb things.


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