Round-Up of Weird & Funny April Fools Jokes From Japan 2019!

Square kirby

Hey everyone,

April Fool’s Day has passed and we wanted to round-up some of the weirdest and funniest April Fool’s jokes from Japan. So here we go!

Kirby Has A New Look

kirby squre

Japan’s Kirby Portal had an entire website dedicated to announcing that Kirby’s classic round form was changing to a square! They even re-made some of the Kirby Game artwork.

KFC Bone Only Bucket

KFC bucket

KFC is huge in Japan, I mean people celebrate their holidays with a nice bucket from the Colonel. So when KFC announced their newest “deal” on April Fool’s day, people definitely got the joke. It was a “Bone Only” Bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken for 1,500 yen ($13.45 US Dollars). Who needs all of those needless calories from the meat and fried skin, right? And if you aren’t hungry for an entire bucket of bones, then you could get a single bone for 250 yen ($2.24 US Dollars). Well done, KFC.

Pizza Idols

Pizza Idol

Pizza Hut joined the fun by capitalizing on Japan’s love of J-Pop idols, and introduced their very own Pizza Idols! They can sing, they can dance, and they taste good too!

Invisible Hamburger Recipe

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節約にもダイエットにもおすすめ!『透明ハンバーグ』 ※こちらはエイプリルフールの企画でした。次の投稿と一緒に見てみてくださいね☺️ . 調理時間:3分 費用:0円 . どれだけ食べてもゼロカロリーの透明ハンバーグはいかがでしょうか。材料費も全くかからないので、節約にもダイエット中の方にもおすすめです。すぐに作れるのでぜひ試してみてくださいね。 . 【材料】 2人前 牛豚合びき肉  0g 玉ねぎ  0g 有塩バター  0g ①パン粉  0g ①卵  0個 ①塩こしょう  小さじ0 ①ナツメグ  小さじ0 . —– デミグラスソース —– ②赤ワイン  大さじ0 ②ケチャップ  大さじ0 ②中濃ソース  大さじ0 ②しょうゆ  小さじ0 ②砂糖  小さじ0 有塩バター  0g . オリーブオイル  大さじ0 パセリ(乾燥)  なし . —– 付け合せ —– ベビーリーフ  0g パセリ(生)  なし . 【手順】 1. 玉ねぎはみじん切りにします。 2. 中火で熱したフライパンに有塩バターを溶かし、1を炒めます。あめ色になったら火から下ろし、粗熱を取ります。 3. ボウルに牛豚合びき肉を入れて、粘り気が出るまでよく捏ね、①を入れてさらに捏ねます。 4. 全体がなじんだら2を入れて混ぜ合わせ、半分に分け、楕円形に成形します。 5. 中火で熱したフライパンにオリーブオイルをひき、4を入れて両面に焼き色が付くまで強火で焼きます。 6. 蓋をして弱火で3分ほど蒸し焼きにしたら取り出します。 7. 同じフライパンに②を入れて中火で煮立たせ、とろみが付くまで3分程加熱します。 8. 有塩バターを溶かしたら火から下ろします。付け合せをのせたお皿に6を盛り付け、7をかけ、パセリをかけて完成です。 ———————————————————— おいしくできたら #クラシルレシピ で投稿お待ちしてます ———————————————————— . #クラシル #kurashiru #エイプリルフール #aprilfool

A post shared by kurashiru [クラシル] 料理・献立・レシピ (@kurashiru) on

Kurashiru is a popular Japanese food recipe site, so most people find some very useful recipes for their day-to-day meals. And on April Fool’s Day, everyone was provided with the recipe to make an “Invisible Hamburger”. Perfect for people who are dieting, or don’t have a lot of money to actually by the ingredients.

Mickey Trains To Join The Avengers

Mickey Avenger

Mickey Mouse seems to be getting tired of simply being the most popular mouse in history, as a picture of him was taken in training mode. Mickey was bulking up to try and join The Avengers. Goofy better not mess with Mickey, or he may just call his buddy Iron Man to help.

Saranzamai Anime Becomes Sushi Anime

Anime sushisushi zanmai

Sarazanmai is a Japanese anime about middle school students being transformed into kappa (yokai demons), and their journey to change back into humans. But the name Sarazanmai sounds a lot like the famous Japanese sushi chain, Sushizanmai. So this was the birth of this April Fool’s joke, in which Sarazanmai is converted into a parody of the Sushizanmai chain. Looking at the pictures next to each other shows that they did a pretty good job with this joke.

Of course, there are plenty more, so we will be sure to update with other funny ones we fined. If you have a funny April Fools’ Day joke that happened in Japan, then feel free to let us know!


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