Toei Corporation Removed “Middle Fingers” From The Dragon Ball Z Movies!


Toei Corporation Toei Video and Toei Animation have announced an apology for editing certain scenes from the Dragon Ball Z movies that were released on December 5, 2018, which they did without telling the people buying them.

Toei stated that they had modified the videos to remove offensive conduct, so that the movies could avoid a negative impact on children and to allow everyone to enjoy them. But how were they edited? Well, you can see the edits they made here:

Dragon ball finger.jpg

Toei went back and removed the “middle fingers” that were shown by Trunks and Gogeta. The problem is that the blu-ray boxes that these movies came in said that they were unedited original versions, and contained a warning that some content may be offensive. And some eagle-eyed otaku were surprised to find the “middle fingers” missing.

So now, Toie has offered to refund the money of anyone who bought these blu-rays under the impression that they would be seeing some “middle fingers.” Looks like the Dragon Ball Z otaku just gave Toei a “middle finger” too!


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