“Kirby Cafe” Chapter 2 Begins On February 27th!

Kirby meals.jpg

Fans of the “Kirby Cafe” in the Tokyo Solomachi area will be excited to hear that the second phase of the cafe will open beginning on February 27th with a new menu! The current “Kirby Cafe” will run through February 17th, and then the store will close until February 27th.

Here is a short video about the cafe:

Kirby hot dog eater.jpg

One of the coolest new items on the menu is this Hot Dog with Cheese Sauce, which basically comes to you in one of the craziest presentations. It looks like Kirby is eating your hot dog! The hot dog will sell for 1,580 yen ($14.51 US Dollars).

Kirby mug cover.jpg

But besides all of the great new menu items, you can also purchase some goods to take home. Like this Kirby mug with lid. It will sell for 3,900 yen ($36 US Dollars). This isn’t a cheap mug, so I hope you like coffee a lot.

And in case you are wondering, all seats at this cafe are by reservation, so you will need to reserve your seats here: Kirby Cafe Reservations will begin on February 8th.

What dish are you most excited for?


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