AKB48 Announces Largest Group Of New Adults!

akb 48 coming of age.jpg

AKB48, the uber-popular idol group in Japan, just announced that the largest group of members to ever take part in the New Adult celebrations in Japan! How many? Well, a total of 44 members!

akb 48 coming of age 2.jpg

January 14th is seen as “Coming of Age” day in Japan, and this is when everyone celebrates and congratulates those that have reached the “age of maturity”—20 years old—in Japan. So basically, it is the day to celebrate New Adults.

And so, AKB48 joined in the celebrations and announced all of their members that are now 20 years old!

akb 48 coming of age 3

The full list of members that are “New Adults” is here:

akb 48 coming of age 4.jpg

So congratulations everyone!


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