“Kingdom Hearts” Special Room Announced at Tokyo Disney Resorts!


From March 26 to June 30, Tokyo Disney Resort’s Ambassador Hotel will have one more reason to join the fun, a special room themed on the popular game “Kingdom Hearts”.

kingdom hearts 1.jpg

The Kingdom Hearts’ decorations will run throughout the room, including headboards, tables, and chairs. But the highlight of the stay will be the “key blade” key that you will get with this room:

kingdom hearts 2

For those that haven’t played Kingdom Hearts, the “key blade” is the weapon that Sora (the main character) weilds throughout the game. And it is actually functional! No, you can’t use it like Sora does in the game, but you can use it to open up some doors withing the room. And each room will come with two of these keys and commemorative boxes, so you can remember your stay.

The special Kingdom Hearts’ room will set you back 46,100 yen ($425 US Dollars) a night, and will sleep up to 3 people. That is a bit expensive, but you get the power to wield the key blade!


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