Japanese Company Develops World’s First Life-Sized Motion Figure!

robot real.jpg

It looks like lonely Otaku may be able to find their very own idol very soon, but in the form of a robot idol! Japanese robotics company, Speecys, recently revealed the completion of the World’s First Motion Figure, Kosaka Cocona.

You can see her in a demonstration clip here:

robot 1.jpg

Plans for this robot include being a singer, dancer, animation character, actress, and theme park attendant. Oh, and be your best friend of course! She can move 37 joints and convey feelings.

The price for this cool motion figure? 20 Million yen ($185,000 US Dollars)! Without tax, of course. Basically, the price of your basic exotic car. But can an exotic car sing and dance?

Looks like we need to start saving some extra cash. If you had the money, would you buy one?

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