Manga Art Hotel Coming To Tokyo!

Manga art hotel.jpg

Manga fans get ready to book a room in this very cool hotel in Tokyo. Beginning in February 2019, the “Manga Art Hotel” will open in the Jimbocho area in Tokyo. This capsule hotel will have more than 5,000 manga that have been pre-selected for their art.

Manga art hotel 2.jpg

The creators of the hotel wanted to create an overnight manga experience, so that people can become lost in the world of manga. The idea is that you can relax and become part of the beautiful art in each of these manga.

The hotel itself will be for both men and women, and will have 35 rooms with standard showers and free Wi-Fi. Bookings will begin at the end of January 2019, so you still have time to think about when you want to stay at this new hotel. More information about the hotel grand opening and booking will appear on their website and on their social media, so make sure to check them out here: Manga Art Hotel

I just hope they will have Akira and Dragon Ball! What manga would you like to see there?


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