Boy Survived 400 Bee Stings By “Becoming” Vegeta!


Dragon Ball Z is personally one of my favorite anime, and it seems like one lucky boy in Arizona likes it too.

Recently, news of a super-kid began re-emerging in Japanese news, so we figured it would be a good time to remind folks what happened. As the Gila Valley Central News Reported last year, an 11 year-old boy in Arizona, named Andrew, was playing outside with his BB Gun when he accidentally shot a bee hive. Immediately, the bees swarmed him and stung him 400 times! It is important to note that Andrew has a bee allergy, so his life was literally in danger.

But Andrew did something amazing, he curled up and tried to transform into Super Saiyan Vegeta in an attempt to survive the attack. And it worked! Well, he didn’t actually become Vegeta, but he did survive. In the end, a courageous firefighter—who also had a bee allergy—came to save Andrew, but I like to think that Goku and Vegeta were watching over this real-life super-kid.


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