Japanese Person Develops Sleeping Cat Toys For Umbrellas!

Sleeping cat umbrella.jpg

There are many people around the world that have a deep love for cats, so this cool new item is right up their alley. A Japanese person has just developed a cute cat tag that you can attach to the handle of your umbrellas!

Most people are aware that it rains quite a bit in Japan during certain seasons, so umbrellas are very useful—and pretty cheap in Japan. So this fun item might become the newest trend.

So how did someone think of such a cute idea? Well, it turns out that they were seeing plenty of lazy cats sleeping all over the place. It looked like this:

Sleeping cat umbrella 3.jpg

And that’s when they got the idea, for these sleeping cat tags. I mean, they did a pretty good job of modeling the toys, right? Here are the six options you can choose from:

Sleeping cat umbrella 2.jpg

And if you have any questions about how they are supposed to be placed on an umbrella, don’t worry! This YouTube video has you covered:

Seems pretty simple to me. So what are you waiting for? Shouldn’t you be out getting some cute cat tags?

Sleeping cat umbrella 4.jpg


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