Panty Party Coming To Switch In Spring 2019!

Pany party.jpg

Gamers and Otaku get ready, because “Panty Part” is coming to Nintendo’s Switch in Spring 2019! For those that have their mind in the gutter, this isn’t a game in which you get to see girls in sexy lingerie, haha. No, this is actually a fast-paced fighting game in which you choose one of the many panty designs to fight with. here is a clip of a Panty Party fight:

The game will sell for 1,500 yen ($14 UD Dollars), and has not been rated yet. Still, the game developers have announced that there will not be an “horny content” in this game, sorry all of you Hentai lovers. This game is a clash of Otaku and Silliness, so find the panty that best represents you and go out and fight!

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