Japanese Capsule Machines With Imitation Vending Machine Buttons Inside!


If you have visited Japan, then you have probably seen thousands of “Gashapon” or Capsule machines all over the place. And like vending machines in Japan, you can find almost anything in these capsules.

For example, imitation vending machine buttons!

Buttons 2.jpg

That’s right, a Capsule company in Japan has now released a Capsule machine where you can vending machine buttons, similar to the ones you see outside of many restaurants in Japan. Here are some of the vending machine buttons you can capture:


Each capsule will cost 300 yen ($2.75 US Dollars), and they will begin selling on January 12, 2019. Of course, you will probably have to buy more than one capsule in order o search for the one you want. My favorite definitely has to be the “Ramen” button, because you can always use a bowl of ramen.

Which one will you be trying for?


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