Japanese Child Stuck In A UFO Catcher!

Japan UFO Catcher

Most people that have been to Japan have noticed the thousands of Japanese crane games or “UFO catchers” that are found in most arcade centers. I know I’ve lost quite a bit of money trying to “catch” items in these—though I’m glad to say I did manage to catch a giant Dragon Ball pillow the last time I tried!

Needless to say, it can definitely be frustrating to see all the cool figurines, toys, electronics, and candies stuck behind a wall of impenetrable glass. Well, one little kid in Japan was apparently tired of waiting for the prizes and decided to take matters into their own hand.

And so, the kid went on a mission, and what resulted is the following tweet in which visitors and staff at the arcade center found a very special prize inside of one of the UFO catchers.

Since the little kid was unharmed, we can all laugh about it now. You have to admit, most of us have actually thought of trying this ourselves. But this brave little kid is going to have a good 2019 if he keeps going at this pace. And yes, if I see the kid in the next arcade center I’m in, we are teaming up to get that Goku figurine I’ve had my eye on. Let’s do it!


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