Gridman Actor’s Real-Life Restaurant Is Getting Attacked By Otaku!


Otaku, like most groups, have their good people and their not so good people. And it seems that one group of Otaku are making the real-life Gridman’s life very difficult right now.

Recently, the Japanese anime, SSSS.Gridman, finished its twelve episode run. But some folks don’t know that back in 1993 there was a live-action series called Gridman the Hyper Agent, which spawned last year’s anime.

Well, the actor that played Gridman, Masaya Obi, runs a small restaurant in Japan. Pretty cool, right? Well, recently his store’s phone number was spread through the Otaku world, and now he is getting 50-100 harassing prank calls each day! See his complaints here:

He notes that if things continue like this, he will be forced to close down his store. We really don’t want to see that, so let’s give the guy a break.

C’mon Gridman! Power-up and defeat these bad guys! You can do it!


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