Biblle at SXSW 2018! Cool new tracking device from Japan!


This year at SXSW 2018 in Austin, Texas, we had the opportunity to see “biblle” from Tokyo, Japan.

Checkout our interview with Ken Inoue, Co-founder and CEO of George & Shaun, LLC, as he tells us more about the concept behind this cool device, and read on to learn more!

Biblle is a location information service, which allows you to track people (like children going to school) and items (like wallets, bikes, and purses), so that you can make sure they are safe. You can see a short video about how it works here:

The concept of tracking children is a wonderful idea for Japan, as many children are allowed to walk to school on their own–and many ride trains too! Now parents can make sure that they are traveling on the correct route to school, and that they arrive safely. Of course, this is useful in all parts of the world with children, elderly, and individuals with mental disabilities.

But biblle is more than just a location tracker, as it also allows you to communicate with other IoT devices, like the robot “Robohan”–which talks to you when you press the button on biblle. You can also cause lights to change colors when your biblle is near, so you can see colors that are uniquely selected by you.

The ultimate goal is to also create product experiences for biblle users, including at vending machines in Japan–maybe by allowing them to give you unique coupons, tailored to you! And with so many vending machines in Japan, this is a very cool idea.

To learn more about “biblle” please take a look at their website here: biblle

If we are able to get our hands on a “biblle” we will bring you our review!

See you soon!


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