AI: Gochan at SXSW 2018! Japanese Rapping Robot!


Hello everyone,

Today we are coming to you from SXSW 2018 in Austin, Texas! There were so many great new products, prototypes, and ideas from Japanese companies. One of the visitors at SXSW this year is AI: Gochan!

Checkout our interview with Kazuki Morozumi of Nextremer here, and keep reading to learn more about AI:Gochan!

Gochan is TV Asahi’s mascot character—he is an alien panda that came to Earth to save his planet, and found a job as TV Asahi’s mascot. Here is Gochan’s full story:

The smart people at Nextremer created an Artificial Intelligence Gochan that can look at you, talk to you, write a song for you, and sing in a rapping style. I tried it myself, and after it asks you a few questions, it creates a unique song just for you! The songs are always funny and happy, and will put a smile on your face.


AI:Gochan is able to do all of this by using Nextremer’s dialog engine, which utilizes artificial intelligence technology. The ability of this system to recognize different voices and accents is actually surprisingly good, and it also processes the information very quickly.

Lots of people were lining up to speak with Gochan, and I can easily see how it could be used to provide a fun method of information exchange. Maybe one day we will see Gochan all over Japanese airports, train stations, and stores, welcoming tourists and guests–and rapping of course!

If you want to learn more about AI:Gochan, take a look at his website here: AI:Gochan And if you want to learn more about Nextremer, checkout their website here: Nextremer

And of course, don’t forget to checkout !

See you next time!


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