Mister Donut In Japan Releases Black Tea Donut!

donut stick

A lot of people like to drink tea while eating donuts, but don’t you ever wonder if there is an easier way to do both…at the same time?! Well, Mister Donut in Japan has exactly what you need–the “Mannan Black Tea Stick”!

The Black Tea Stick is a donut that has Earl Gray tea leaves kneaded into the dough. The result if a donut stick that has the lovely fragrance of tea, but tastes like tea and sweet donuts. It will come in two flavors: plain or brown sugar.

Sales of the “Mannan Black Tea Stick” will begin on March 2, 2018 and continue through January 2019 at most Mister Donuts in Japan. They will sell for 140 yen ($1.31 U.S. Dollars).


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