Japan’s Tallest Building Has A Heart-Pounding New Attraction!

Osaka rooftop

Visitors to Osaka, Japan can now take a walk on the roof of Japan’s tallest building, the Abeno Haruka’s Building. The new “Edge of Harukas” is an open-air rooftop walk across the top of the 984 foot building!

The 65-foot walk across Abeno Haruka’s roof will give you the best view of Osaka, and you can even lean over the edge! But don’t worry, you are tethered to the building. And the staff will take pictures of you over the city skyline, while making sure they cheer you on.

The “Edge of Harukas” will open next week, and only costs 1,000 yen ($9.30 U.S. Dollars), which is in addition to the observatory fee of 1,500 yen ($14.06 U.S. Dollars). There is also a height restriction–you have to be between 146 cm and 199 cm tall.

You can checkout some Japanese students taking a walk on the roof here:

I know I will be stopping by when I’m in Osaka!


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