Sushi Teleportation at SXSW 2018! Cool 3D Food Printing Robot!

Sushi teleport pic

We are back again from the SXSW 2018 Tradeshow, where we visited another Japanese exhibitor–SUSHI TELEPORTATION!

Checkout our interview with Ryosuke Sakaki, Design Strategist and Art Director at Dentsu, Inc., as he tells us more about this cool new 3D food printing robot, and read on to learn more!

Sushi Teleportation uses a special robot arm 3D food printer, the “PIXEL FOOD PRINTER”, which converts every “food” into data and accumulates it in a “FOOD BASE”. Then, a person can select any food they want to eat from the database, and the robot reproduces the data into real food! So you can 3D food print anything, like the exact same sushi they serve in Tokyo or hamburgers from Texas. Checkout a video of the Sushi Teleportation concept here:

One  of the very interesting parts of this project is the concept that they can 3D print food that will have the same look as food, but doesn’t necessarily need to be made out of the same ingredients. For example, you can order a hamburger and receive something that looks just like a hamburger and has the same texture and taste too, but it doesn’t have any real meat. This would be perfect for someone that wants to eat a certain dish, but usually cannot because of food allergies or religious beliefs. This could allow kids with peanut allergies to experience a simple peanut butter sandwich, without the risk of coming into contact with peanuts.

digi sushi

Also, one of their goals is to be able to transfer “food data” to any part of the world, and even outer-space! So astronauts could order a breakfast taco from Austin, or a donut from Mister Donut in Tokyo. And they also hope that one day you will be able to eat food that is shown in a TV food program, simply by scanning a QR code which would transfer the “food data” to your personal 3D food printing robot.

Sushi Teleportation is a collaboration between Dentsu, Yamagata University, DENSO WAVE, and Tohokushinsha. To learn even more about Sushi Teleportation and the Open Meals project, please checkout their website here: Open Meals

Make sure to checkout our other posts about SXSW 2018, and learn more about Japanese culture too.

See you soon!


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