Tezuka Osamu And Regetta Canoe Mashup!

Astro boy.jpg shoes

If you are a fan of great manga/anime, then you have probably seen some of Tezuka Osamu’s works. In fact Tezuka-san created some of the most iconic manga characters in Japanese history–such as Astro Boy! He is held in such high regard that he is sometimes called the “Godfather of Manga”!

Well, thanks to RegattaCanoe (an Osaka shoe brand), you can now wear shoes with designs from Tezuka-san’s manga.

In fact, there are several characters from Tezuka-san’s works, such as Black Jack, Phoenix, Princess Knight, Marvelous Melmo, Jungle Emperor, Three-Eyed One, and Leo the Lion.

Astro boy

These shoes can be found on Village Vanguard for 9,980 yen ($93.31 U.S. Dollars). So if you want to make sure you standout among all of the other manga fans, make sure to grab a pair!

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