Asahi Super Dry Is Ready For Sakura Season!

The New Year has just started but some companies are already preparing for Spring, which means Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Season in Japan.


Asahi Super Dry has announced its new label design, which features beautiful cherry blossoms with a bright pink background. Perfect for all of the Hanami parties in Ueno Park.

But all of you beer-drinkers out there don’t get too excited, since the new bottles don’t come with a new Sakura flavoring to the beer. It’s still your classic Asahi Super Dry flavor.

Clear Asahi isn’t staying behind, because they have also announced the limited “Clear Asahi Sakura no Kai”.

Asahi 1

Clear Asahi will come with beautiful Sakura on branches, set across a white background. It’s as if you can see the Sakura blooming already…or maybe you’ve just had too much to drink.

Look for the new Asahi Super Dry bottles and cans beginning on January 30, 2018, with the bottle set for a February 20 release. And you can find the Clear Asahi packaging beginning on January 30 too.

Drink responsibly! And enjoy the Sakura!



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