Nintendo Labo Announced!

It looks like Nintendo has done it again. They’ve managed to have another idea that might change the way we play video games forever! Say hello to the Nintendo Switch’s Labo:

Labo 2


Nintendo Labo is basically the combination of the Nintendo Switch with do-it-yourself cardboard creations that you can use to play Nintendo Switch games. Wait, what?! Yup, the combination of an old technology and some of the newest technology. Sound familiar? Isn’t that literally what you see everyday in Tokyo!

But why explain more when you can check it out for yourself here:

As you can see, you can build a cardboard piano, fishing pole, motorbike, or robot! Of course, Nintendo has a special name for all of these cool creations–“Toy Cons”. And you can do some pretty cool things with these Toy-Cons, like build your own cardboard remote control car.

Labo 3

The release date is actually coming very soon, on April 20, 2018. And Labo will currently come in two different sets:

  • The Variety Kit will cost $70 US Dollars, and you can build the following:
    • two Toy-Con remote control cars
    • one Toy-Con fishing rod
    • one Toy-Con motorbike
    • one Toy-Con piano
  • The Robot Lit will cost $80 US Dollars, and you can build one robot suit. This sort of reminds me of the robot suits in “All You Need is Kill”…which is pretty cool.

These kits will come with everything you need to get things going. But you supply the Nintendo Switch.

But here is the really cool news. Nintendo is having events in New York and San Francisco to allow certain “lottery winners” to attend a 3-hour Nintendo Labo Studio hands-on event. But you have enter for a chance to win the tickets. So enter HERE: Nintendo Labo

I have to say that Nintendo is really thinking outside of the box here…or with the cardboard box? I find this idea very refreshing, as it is different than what everyone else is doing. This could change the trajectory of the Nintendo Switch, and I’m sure many people will want to get there hands on Labo as soon as it is released.



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