Toyota Announces Self-Driving Pizza And Hotel Cars!

Toyota Motor Corporation announced that it will be partnering with Amazon, Pizza Hut, and three other companies to develop services using self-driving electric vehicles. Like this one:

pizza car

The Pizza Car! The concept is basically a self-driving car with a person making pizzas inside. Now that is what I call pizza delivery!

But that’s not all, because they also have a Hotel Car!

hotel car

This concept imagines a self-driving car with a bed and a place to hang your clothes. Unfortunately, they forgot to include a bathroom in their concept, so you might have to stop by conveniences stores to use the toilet. Or maybe you can have another car driving next to you with a bathtub and a toilet!

It seems that Japanese companies are still on the cutting-edge of technology and cool futuristic concepts. Pretty soon, they are going to start creating Gundam robots to take you everywhere you need to go!



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