“Gaming Disorder” Classified As New Disease!


Gamers around the world be careful how addicted you are to your favorite game, or you might be diagnosed with “gaming disorder”! The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that they will be adding “gamin disorder” to the International Classification of Diseases.

But what is “gaming disorder”? In short, its a pattern of gaming behavior in which you can’t control your desire to game, and gaming basically becomes your life–even when it having negative effects on your life. In other words, you are turning into a gaming zombie!

In order, for you to be classified as having “gaming disorder” this pattern of behavior must significantly impair your personal, family, social, educational, occupational, or other areas of functioning, and it must be present for 1 year.

Japan, like the United States, has a lot of gamers–both children and adults. So it is something that everyone should be aware of. So do yourself and your family of favor and try and put down your video games at least for a bit to give them a hug and play outside. It seems like a great way to getting this disease!


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