Nike Air Money Japanese Shoes!

If you are thinking of stepping-up your sneakers for the New Year, and you are super into Japanese Yen, then look no further than the Nike Air Money “Japanese Yen”.


This shoe from Nike was just released at the beginning of January 2018, and it has been turning heads since it came out.

The Nike Air Money “Global Currency Pack” shoe series honors the different currencies around the world. The “Japanese Yen” shoe has some cool features:

Nike 2

The word “Nike” in Japanese Hiragana.

Nike 3

The Japanese Flag on the back, and the symbol for Japanese Yen on the heel.

If you are looking to show your love of Japan in these shoes, you have to be ready to pay the $160 US Dollar price tag. Yeah, I wish that was $160 Japanese Yen, because that would be more in my price range.

But hey, maybe someone will be nice enough to send me a pair, haha!



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