Strawberry Day Cakes In Japan!

For those that aren’t familiar with all the cool (unofficial) holidays of Japan, January 15th has become known by some people as “Strawberry Day”. The reason is pretty simple: the number One is “Ichi” in Japanese and the number Five is “Go”. So the number Fifteen is “Ichi-go”, and “the word “ichigo” means Strawberry in Japanese. So Strawberry Day!

Strawberry Day

And Cafe Comme Ca in Tokyo will celebrate by making some limited Strawberry Day Cakes! All Cafe Comme Ca stores (33 in total) will each have their own special strawberry menu, and some of the following amazing cakes and sweets:

Strawberry Day 1Strawberry Day 2Strawberry Day 3

And their are more! The cakes will be sold beginning on January 13th to January 15th, so make sure to grab some while they are around. And enjoy Strawberry Day!



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