2018 Most Expensive Tuna Sold For $325,446 at Tsukiji Market!

Tsukiji Market had its first tuna auction of 2018, which will also be the last one to ever be held at the current Tsukiji Market location—Tsukiji Market will be relocated to Toyosu Market in October 2018. And this year the most expensive tuna sold for $325,446!


The winning bid was made by Yukitaka Yamaguchi, the President of wholesale fishery “Yuki”. The tuna weighed an amazing 405 kilograms (about 893 lbs.), which means that each kilo was worth about $804!


The second most expensive tuna went to Kimura Kiyoshi, President of the famous sushi chain “Sushi Zanmai”. He paid $271,429 for his tuna, which weighed 190 kilograms! Kimura was a bit sad, since he has won the highest bid battle for the past six consecutive years. Still, he made sure to point out that he actually had the highest priced tuna per kilo, as his cost $1,428 per kilo!

This may seem like crazy numbers for tuna, but these are actually cheap compared to the mos expensive tune ever sold—a $1.8 million dollar tuna weighing 222 kilograms, or $8,108 per kilogram!

All this talk about tuna is making me hungry….time to go for some $1 conveyor belt sushi!



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