Bleach 667

We start this issue right where we left off before, with Captain Zaraki Kenpachi back in all of his raging glory!


Captain Zaraki had just cut off Sternritter Valkyrie’s right arm. Unfortunately, we know that isn’t going to stop Valkyrie, as he just grows an even stronger right arm in its place.

New arm

If you remember, this is Valkyrie’s ability—the power to regenerate any part of his body that is injured, but that body part will now be bigger and stronger. But we all know Captain Zaraki–who figures he will just have to slice and dice Valkyrie up some more.

Pic 2

Captain Hitsugaya doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but before they can finish arguing, Valkyrie decides to crush them like ants.

Pic 3

I’m thinking Valkyrie really does not know much about Captain Zaraki, because you CANNOT defeat him so easily. Captain Zaraki stops Valkyrie’s foot and just tosses him down!

Pic 4

Pic 5

Captain Zaraki is already feeling the thrill of battle, and he just wants to cut Valkyrie open like an old piñata!

Pic 6

Valkyrie has never been toppled over, so he decides that it is time to use his Hoffnung—“Sword of Hope”. Well, Captain Zaraki has a sword too, and if you remember he recently learned its name. It is Nozarashi!

Pic 7

This is the first time that either Hitsugaya or Kuchiki have seen Captain Zaraki’s shikai. Up until now, everyone thought that Zaraki’s monstrous power was forcing his sword to be released, when in fact it had never actually been released. All this time, Captain Zaraki has not been using his sword’s true strength. Now that’s CRAZY!

And so the two swords clash.

Pic 8

And of course, Captain Zaraki manages to cut Valkyrie’s sword…well, at least nick it.


This fight has just begun, but it is going to be an epic one. We are all thinking that this might be the fight that causes Captain Zaraki to release his bankai. Could you imagine that!? Tune in next week to see what happens next!

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