Dragon Ball Super–Chapter 10: Frost’s True Form


Last chapter, we left off with Goku starting off the tournament as the first fighter of universe 7, fighting against Botamo the yellow panda-looking bear of universe 6. Having the ability to absorb punches, Botamo made the fight a little bit interesting for Goku as a warmup. But Botamo was soon thrown out the ring by Goku, who easily won the first match.

Goku’s next opponent was Frost–a unique fighter that resembled Frieza in his physical appearance and strength but differed in personality, coming out to be a quite charming fella. Testing each other’s skills as they sparred, things quickly changed paced as Goku powered to Super Saiyan and Frost to his final form ready to throw-down.


We start off this week’s chapter with a bang, as the real match begins between Goku and Frost–who have decided not to hold back anymore. Though, we still know Goku is holding back a little.

Frost begins the match as he goes on the offensive with aerial blasts from above. Goku unfazed easily deflects the barrage attacks with ease.


As Frost closes within reach, Goku grabs his hands and gives him a good boot to the face that sends Frost hurling to the ceiling’s barrier. Both opponents lunge at each other and clash in the center of the ring. Frost is pushed back once again from a blow by Goku, who seems to be the stronger of the two. Not giving up Frost pushes back with an energy blast which has Goku screeching a couple of feet back. But Goku returns the favor with a fierce blast of his own, that sends Frost hurling with force to the edge of the ring. Goku clearly has the match won.

Frost still forges on but is yet again brought to his knees by one blow. Goku advises Frost to concede the loss, for he has no chance of winning. Frost will have nothing of it, and throws a quick blow which Goku seems to block. But wait, Frost’s attack seems to have stunned Goku somehow, and has left him vulnerable to a roundhouse kick by Frost that has him flying out of the ring.


Goku falls

What!!! No Way!!!! Goku has lost! The winner is Frost!

No one can believe it. All are stunned, except for our bug-eyed friend Jaco the Galactic Patrolman.

Nonetheless, the next match moves on with Piccolo as the next opponent.

Piccolo v Frost

Though, in Goku’s opinion he doesn’t stand a chance, he still can be of help by slowing Frost down a little so Vegeta can face him. Not wanting to go down so easily without a fight, our Nemekian friend–or Demon King Piccolo as he calls himself–surprises Frost with his long range arm attacks.

Frost soon closes the distances, and yet again gives a close range blow that has Piccolo stunned and left open for a devastating blow that has him out the ring much like Goku was.

Frost punch

Piccolo falls

Frost wins again! Unbelieveable!

Seems like no one can beat Frost with this special attack he possesses. Next up for universe 7 is none other than our Saiyan Prince Vegeta! Oh yeah, the kid games stop here, for Vegeta is the best strategic fighter we know and won’t fall for tricks.

But wait! There’s an objection coming from the stands! Who is it? Why it’s Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, who swears that Frost is cheating by using a concealed weapon.


Nothing escapes those keen eyes of his of course. Frost is searched and is found to have a foreign needle-like weapon altered to his right arm. The weapon needle seems to have poison at the end, which stuns its victims with a prick, leaving them temporarily immobilized.

Poison hole

Poison needle

What a dirty trick by that Frieza–I mean Frost! Frost is now disqualified and the match goes to Piccolo. Champa is mad pissed at Frost for bringing shame to his honor, but Frost could care less.

Hold It! Before Frost can step out of the ring Vegeta contests towards the disqualification, as there is no need since he’s next to fight Frost. Scum bags like Frost need to be taught a lesson, and no one has a more vengeful wrath towards his opponents than our Saiyan Prince Vegeta!!!

Vegeta wants a fight

This chapter was well paced, action packed, and funny all in one. I can’t wait for the next chapter, as Vegeta takes on Frost, which sort of resembles him having his chance to fight Frieza–which he never got to do in universe 7, since Goku always ended up kicking Frieza’s booty. But nonetheless it makes for an exciting new match, and the possibility that Goku might still be in the game. We have to wait and see!

That’s all for this week’s chapter of Dragon Ball Super, but tune in next week for another recap of one of our favorite mangas! Feel free to comment down below and drop us a like on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and stalk all our social media sites! We really appreciate it!

–The JapanSauce Team


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