McDonald’s New Anime Commercial!

McDonald’s Japan is at it again with another great anime-style commercial. This time, the anime resembles some of the imagery in the wildly popular “Your Name”.

You can checkout the video here:

McDonald’s did a great job of telling a story in such a short time. It seems like the girl in the commercial has literally grown-up with McDonald’s McShake. The video starts with her as a young girl with her parents, and continues as she gets older and makes new friends. She meets a young man and they have a sunset seen like the one found in “Your Name”. It seems magical. Then the commercial ends with an older version of her drinking a McShake with the older version of the young man sitting in their apartment. It’s amazing what a McShake can do!

This commercial really reminded me of the other McDonald’s Japan anime commercial, which we wrote about here: McDonald’s Anime

I hope McDonald’s Japan keeps bringing us these awesome commercials!


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