Naomi Watanabe Parody Of Lady Gaga’s “Rain On Me”!

Hey everyone, I’ve got a very funny reaction video today, as we checkout a parody made by none other than the wonderfully funny Naomi Watanabe. For those that don’t watch Japanese TV, Watanabe-san is a multi-talented comedienne who went all out on this parody video of Lady Gaga’s “Rain on Me”. Joining her is the also talented Yuriyan Retriver, another awesome Japanese comedienne. Please checkout … Continue reading Naomi Watanabe Parody Of Lady Gaga’s “Rain On Me”!

10 Fun Facts About Former Yokozuna Kisenosato!

Hey everyone, Today I’m bringing you another video I’ve been working on, but this time it is about my favorite Japanese sport – SUMO! In particular, I made a short video about Former Yokozuna Kisenosato. Kisenosato was not a Yokozuna for a very long time, but he was very popular nonetheless. So in honor of Kisenosato, checkout these 10 Fun Facts! I hope you like … Continue reading 10 Fun Facts About Former Yokozuna Kisenosato!

McDonald’s New Anime Commercial!

McDonald’s Japan is at it again with another great anime-style commercial. This time, the anime resembles some of the imagery in the wildly popular “Your Name”. You can checkout the video here: McDonald’s did a great job of telling a story in such a short time. It seems like the girl in the commercial has literally grown-up with McDonald’s McShake. The video starts with her … Continue reading McDonald’s New Anime Commercial!