Study Shows That 25% Of Japanese Ages 18-39 Haven’t Had Sex!


The University of Tokyo and the Karolinska Institute of Sweden just published a study in the British Journal of Medicine, which showed that 25% of Japanese people ages 18-39 have not experienced sexual intercourse.

Among women ages 18-39, the percentage that have not had sexual intercourse increased from 21% in 1994 to 24.6% in 2015. For men the same age, the numbers went from 20% in 1992 to 25.8% in 2015. This translates to about 3.26 million women and 3.8 million men.

In a country where the number of births is decreasing, and the overall age of the population is increasing, this is not great news. But hey, its Spring and the Sakura are in bloom, so love is in the air. Let’s hope that everyone finds that special someone!


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