Japanese YouTuber Who Placed Mattress At Shibuya Crossing Is Being Investigated By Police!

Youtuber asleep

Japanese YouTuber team “Joe Blog” performed a crazy “stunt” last month, in which they placed a mattress in the middle of the famous Shibuya Crossing and one of them laid down as if he was asleep. But it looks like their actions are a bit more serious than they initially thought.

Here is the video that is posted on YouTube and has over 578K views:

“Joe Blog” has over 1.3 Million subscribers, but they have a new group of people watching their video—the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. It seems that these YouTubers are currently being investigated for possible violation of the “Road Traffic Law”, which prevents people from obstructing pedestrian traffic. And yes, this is a real law. In fact, a graduate student in Kyoto was previously arrested for sitting in an intersection, so I think laying down on a mattress is a bit more severe than that.

Reactions by Japanese netizens was mixed, with some saying it made them laugh, while others were very annoyed by these actions. I guess we will wait and see what the Tokyo Metropolitan Police think of it. But really, don’t try this at home.

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