Japanese Baseball Teams Join Forces With Marvel!

Marvel Japan

In honor of the new “Avengers/End Game” movie, Marvel has decided to team-up with 12 Japanese baseball teams to introduce a collection of cool Super Hero Baseball Shirts. The shirts are expected to be released later this month.

The Tokyo Giants, the most popular baseball team in Japan, will have a shirt that includes all of the Marvel heroes. I guess you would expect the Giants to get the biggest team. But just like in the Japanese baseball league, the Hanshin Tigers are close behind, as their shirt will have several super heroes too. Other shirts, like the Chunichi Dragons or Yokohama Baystars will have single heroes like Captain America or Spider Man. But one of the coolest shirts will be from the Tokyo Yakult Swallows, which is the only shirt that displays the Hulk alone, in all of his green power.

Which one do you want?


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