Probability Of Dating A Japanese Idol Is The Same As Getting Hit By An Asteroid!




Many Japanese men have a slight obsession with Japanese Idols, as groups like AKB48, NMB48, and others have proliferated. Most, if asked, would likely say that one of their goals would be to have a date with one of these lovely ladies. But apparently you will have more luck getting hit by an asteroid.

akb 48 coming of age

Professor Toru Torigeki of the Edogawa University, a leading expert on statistical studies, has conducted research that indicates that the probability that an everyday person will date an idol is the same as winning the lottery or getting hit by an asteroid. Dang, that’s rough.

The research was based on idols ages 18 to 25 in Japan, and resulted in a probability of 0.0247%. This is the same as 1 in 4049! This is surprising, given that there appear to be so many idol groups in Japan. But hey, 0.0247% is still better than nothing!





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