Fuji Soba Introduces “Potato Chip Soba”!

Potato chip soba 2.jpg

Have you ever felt that your soba noodles needed an extra crunch? Well, Fuji Soba has you covered with their new “Potato Chip Soba” dish!

Fuji Soba is a popular chain of cheap soba noodle shops in Japan, and you can typically find a store around most train stations. And beginning this month, they have started selling their “Potato Chip Soba” dish, which basically consists of fried potato chips placed on top of the soba noodles and broth. That does sound delicious.

Potato chip soba.jpg

And one of the best parts of this dish is that it is pretty cheap, setting you back only 450 yen ($4.11 US Dollars).

Currently, only three shops will be selling these “Potato Chip Soba” meals: the Machida store, Ogikubo Kitaguchi store, and Tsudanuma store. But I’m sure if it becomes popular, then they will expand to more.

But hey, if you can’t make it to Fuji Soba, I’m sure you can grab a bowl of soba and a bag of your convenience store potato chips and make your own!

Are you going to try some?


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