Strange Question On Japanese Entrance Exam Goes Viral And Laughter Ensues!

weird question.jpg

It all started with a Japanese entrance exam, and the above very strange-looking question. And yes, this is an actual exam question

Most readers didn’t really care about the answer, and were more focused on the strange characters that were part of the question. I mean, look at those weird things! Is that a cucumber with a face and muscles?! And so the laughter and craziness resulted in netizens creating these lovely items:

Japanese Twitter user @kamome_hika re-imagined the carrot character in a more detailed-realistic version. This image has over 11K retweets and over 45K likes.

This colorful rendition resulted in over 4,500 retweets and 17K likes. Simple, yet elegant.

But none of the tweets so far can come close to this tweet from @c_alex_x who made a 3-D rendition of each of these strange characters. It has over 92K retweets and over 235K likes! Most people were shocked by how well the images tracked the original cartoons, and were even more surprised by how fast these guys were created. They were actually made the same day that the original images were posted!

And that is all the internet needs to create artistic masterpieces, one very silly entrance exam question and some very strange drawings to go with it. Enjoy!


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