Marusan Releases A “Soy Milk” MP3 Player!


Marusanai Co., the Japanese soybean company, has just released a matcha soy milk MP3 player! But how did we get here? Well, there is a funny story behind this new music player.

Back in December, Twitter user @tn_mogura was apparently so busy working on some school work that he inadvertently plugged his headphones into a Marusan Matcha Soy Milk carton. The Twitter-verse went nuts, and he has over 34K retweets and 117K likes:

Marusan found out about this popular tweet and soon decided to capitalize on all of the fun. And so, the Matcha Soy Milk MP3 player was born, and Marusan even did a short YouTube video about it:

This new twist on the MP3 player can hold 16gb of storage, can play for 10 hours on one battery charge, and also has a radio function. But of course, the best part is that it looks exactly like a Marusan Matcha Soy Milk Carton!

However, don’t expect to buy these at your local Don Quijote, as they only plan to make about 10 of these as part of a novelty gift campaign. Oh, and the original Tweeter, @tn_mogura, is getting one too! Looks like this mistake ended up being a good one.


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