Former Bandai Employees Arrested For Fraud Relating To Cost Of Odaiba RX-0 Gundam!

unicorn gundam

The RX-0 Gundam that stands at Diver City in Tokyo, Japan is back in the news, but this time its because a couple of former Bandai employees may have committed fraud in the construction of this mobile suit.

This week. the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced that it had arrested former Bandai Namco employees,  Uda Tsuzushi and Kurokawa Takao, on suspicion that they defrauded about 200 Million yen ($1.82 Million US Dollars) that was supposed to be used for the construction of the RX-0 Gundam. It seems that Uda may have admitted this fraud, while Kurokawa has denied these claims.

And where did all of this money go? Well, Uda has admitted that he used it for “drinking and entertainment expenses.” Not cool. I mean, with that much money they might have been able to make the RX-0 fly! Oh well, maybe next time.


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