Japanese Person Develops USB That Uses A Small Fish Design As Storage!

fish brain.jpg

In what sounds like something out of of a page of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, Japanese Twitter user @ni28_xp has announced the development of a USB Drive that uses the a small fish as storage space. However, after additional reports confirmed, the fish is only being used for design purposes.

Ni28_XP is a chemistry student currently studying resins. He noted that it is a handmade USB memory drive that allows you to see various electronic parts connected to a small fish, which has been captured in a transparent resin. The small fish, of course, is dead, but this technology allows him to utilize the small fish as part of his design.

Fish brain 2.jpg

And don’t worry PETA, the fish used in these USB drives are silver-striped round herrings that came from the local neighborhood supermarket, and were already destined to become future meals for people.

Here is what the product looks like in its final form in your computer:

Fish brain 3.jpg

And Ni28_XP also provided a gif of what this USB drive looks like when your computer is actually on:

That is both beautiful, and a bit creepy.

This fish USB drive will be exhibited and sold at HandMade In Japan Fes 2019 which will take place at Tokyo Big Sight on January 12, 2019, and will sell for 7,800 yen ($72 US Dollars). And if you follow him on Twitter, then you will get 20% off of this price!

What do you think? Is this some great use of technology, or are we creeping into Terminator-type status?


17 thoughts on “Japanese Person Develops USB That Uses A Small Fish Design As Storage!

    1. Not if it’s encapsulated in resin? Im not a scientist, but it makes sense to me that it should be kept in genetic suspension. Like an insect in amber.


  1. I can’t believe that the memory was actually made from fish’s brain, please see other products on his tweeter.


  2. Holy shit. The matrix is using our bodies for energy. Now it will use our brains for storage… bye bye dream world 😟


  3. You all realize the fish is for decoration right and we are likely decades away from being able to store information using an organic memory source.

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  4. Nice stuff, but on the usb connector is very visible the branded “32 gb usb 3.0” like the ones on the SanDisk Ultra Fit usb thumb drive, i doubt the fish is used if not for setting the mood


  5. we need to go back and review the pyramid… those mummies probably has 100TB of data on their brains and the pyramid is a wireless transmitter that can transfer files using the energy from the sun. LOL

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