Professional Japanese Cosplay Photographer Provides Photo Tips!

Cosplay umbrella 2.jpg

If you have ever attended an Anime Convention, then I’m sure you have seen all of the amazing Cosplayers that attend these events. But wouldn’t it be great if you could take some amazing Cosplay photography of all of those awesome outfits? Well, maybe now you can.

Professional Japanese Cosplay Photographer, Tasuya Ida, went onto Twitter to provide some tips on how he gets those crazy Cosplay photos he is known for. And here they are:

Tip #1: Try and take photos in which the Cosplayer stands alone like this beautiful pic.

Cosplay umbrella 2.jpg

The Cosplayer in the picture is @felia0124 in case you want to checkout more of her beautiful pictures.

Tip #2: Try and use the “boke” effect, in which the background is blurred.

Poke cos.jpg

As you can see, the boke really makes the Cosplayer pop-out. Of course, that fact that she is super Kawaii doesn’t hurt! This Cosplayer is @nairuru

Tip #3: Make use of light and dark, by lighting someone from the front while the Sun is behind them.

Cos light.jpg

As the above picture shows, you get this really cool lighting effect when you do this. Looks like it is great for folks with swords or other weapons in an action-pose. The Cosplayer is @kashimastars

And there you have it! Three easy tips that you can use to take your own Cosplay Photography to the next level. We should all thank @idobataer for these great tips, and I’d love to see the pictures you take at your next convention!

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