Old Doraemon Doll Gets A New Year’s Makeover!


Doraemon is the loveable Japanese time-raveling robotic cat that has been entertaining kids via manga and anime since 1969. So it is fair to say that he has been a part of some Japanese people’s lives for their entire lives.

Well, Twitter user @Ydon9 recently gave us a very sweet, feel-good story for the New Year. And the star of this story was her old, beat-up Doraemon Doll. This is what it looked like:

Doraemon dirty.jpg

no tail.jpg

That is pretty horrifying, right? And it doesn’t look very much like the fun robotic cat that everyone is used to. But don’t worry, @Ydon9 isn’t some careless person that ruined her doll. In fact, she has had this doll since she was a baby, and due to her taking Doraemon everyone she went, he eventually became torn and dirty. She loved him so much, he almost wore-down to nothing. Doraemon lost his mouth, whiskers, bells, tail, and was torn.

Cue the magic of love, time, and some amazing restoration skill.

In a little bit less than a month, Doraemon was slowly washed, re-sewn, and brought back to life. And here were the results.

Doraemon clean.jpg

With tail.jpg

Can you believe this restoration!? He even has a new tail! Twitter readers noted that this appeared to be some sort of miracle, and that Doraemon looked practically brand new. But it was really just skill. You can see the work in @Ydon9 post on Twitter:

The cutest thing is that Doraemon himself is responding to Twitter users, saying he was happy to brought back to life and that he will spend time with his owner for many more years to come.

Ydon9 also provided some insight into the love of her Doraemon, as she stated that it was a gift from her father when she was about 1 year old.

In the Nogura editorial department, I covered the girl who played Doraemon and impressed reunion. I asked the current feelings and so on. And no, she isn’t a professional seamstress, in fact she is just a housewife with kids. But she does like to restore old stuffed toys occasionally. I know who I’m sending old-stuffed toys to when they need a restoration!

We need good stories like this one, so let’s hope we see more in 2019!


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